Private (1 on 1) sessions

Private (1 on 1) tution is a very flexible way to learn or advance in the art of crochet. The number of classes/ sessions, days and time of the sessions and learning goals are tailored to your needs and can be adapted at any moment.  Crochet - start of a grey crochet hat from the bottom up, with a crochet hook and some yarn

  • The first session will take 1 hour. After a short intake we will decide what to learn and how many sessions will be needed/ are possible.
  • Follow-up sessions will take 2 hours.
  • The first session will be paid on advance. After we agreed on the follow-up the paiment for the whole course has to be received before the start of the second session.
  • Location in Eltham/ SE London: Wheelchair accessible easy to reach with public transport.


Price for Private Crochet Classes/ 1 to 1 Sessions includes:

  • Leaflets, explaining stitches or patterns that you have learned, depending on your skill level (they will be sent via e-mail or handed out).
  • Instruction for homework.
  • Support via WhatsApp, Facebook or e-mail for up to 2 weeks after the last session.
  • You will get a great cup of coffee or tea and a biscuit/ cake.
  • Lots of fun and creativity.


What do you want to do?

If you want to book a private session or need any more information, please complete the Crochet Classes Booking Form.

If you already agreed on the date of the intake/ first crochet session and you want to pay, please go here.

For payment of follow-up sessions, please go here.

If you want to purchase a crochet starter kit, please go here.

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Private crochet session, any level

£27.50 / hour(s) **
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New Online - Private crochet session, 3 persons/ 1 hour

£11.50 / hour(s) **
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New Private crochet session, 2 persons/ per hour

£20.00 / hour(s) **
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