About us

About us

Hello, I am Sylvia and I am




My mum taught me and my sister the crochet basics when I was 10 years old and we crocheted away hip tops and scarfs. Later on, life took over and I forgot about the craft. But about 5 years ago, I (re)discovered my love to crocheting and since then crochet took over part of my life and I wanted to make more out of my hobby …

I had a career in various office (management) jobs in Germany and The Netherlands. When I moved to the UK I was thinking about making business out of my hobby. In 2016 I attended the 'Start your own business'-course at our local community college and a bit later I opened this online shop. I decided not to use the common online selling platforms because I think this gives you the best customer experience without any 3rd parties involved.

I also want to spread the love of crochet and offer crochet courses/ classes.