About us

About us

Hello, I am Sylvia and I am

Founded by Sylvia Becker 2017 has grown steadily now London's top private crochet venue. We are really proud about our range of services and products, all related to crochet and we are certainly doing everything to get crafty Londoners (and everyone else) hooked on crochet as well!

I am very partial to 'old-fashioned' crochet craftsmanship with a modern twist:

Learn it

If you always wanted to learn to crochet, if you know the basics and want to advance or you want to try some 'artsy' crochet then join one of our crafty workshops and spend a few hours learning something new. Expect to learn new skills, new stitches, show off creations and have a lot of fun!

We do not expect to finish your project in just a few hours but we know that you will leave our workshops/ sessions with a good feeling. For any quesitons we will be available even after your workshop/ session has finished.

Make it

If you already know how to crochet and you look for a new favourite yarn, a high quality crochet hook or other little things you might need to keep crochting, have a look here. All the yarns, hooks and other items are 'tested' and used by me, I won't offer anything that I am not convinced of.

Buy it

Since crochet is not only my 'business' but also my hobby, I have a lot crochet items for sale, all handmade by me. I only use high quality yarns and notions. I am also happy to take commissions. Please get in touch if want to get something 'Custom made with love'....