ICE Yarns

Camilla Cotton

Camilla Cotton

Camilla Cotton is a 100% mercerized cotton yarn, 100% natural yarn.


Magic Glitz/ Magic Mohair Glitz

Magic Glitz/ Magic Mohair Glitz

ICE Yarn Magic Glitz and Magic Mohair Glitz are two excellent yarn choices if you are looking for affordable, variegated, sparkling yarn.


Why ICE Yarns

Since I found some balls of cotton yarn of this brand in a little shop some years ago, I am a big fan of ICE Yarns. Why?

  • Ice Yarns offers true value for money yarns.
  • ICE Yarns is one of the biggest brands online, having more than 5.000 types of yarn in 400 categories. The yarns are mostly produced in Turkey.
  • ICE Yarns are human and environment friendly and comply with international human health standards. 

I am offering you some of my most favourite types to buy in small amounts.

For any questions about a yarn please contact me directly or join my Facebook-group, dedicated to ICE Yarns and the beautiful creations made from ICE Yarns.


Full range of ICE Yarns

If you want to have a look at my complete on-line yarn shop, or you want to purchase yarns in bigger amounts you can click here: 


Yarn substitution service

I am also offering a yarn-matching service. If you have a pattern written for a special yarn type and you are looking for a substitute yarn, please let me know. I will try to find you a suitable yarn.