Pumpkins in a bowl - felting workshop

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Pumpkins in a Bowl - felting workshop in Plumstead

A really fun new way to create, using colourful raw and carded wool too make a lovely little bowl filled with seasonal pumpkins or squashes. 
Even more fun: You will get to create your felted bowl using a real orange or grapefruit to help you. How mysterious!!
We hope you have fun trying to figure out how the orange will help you make a bowl. 
This is a really fun project to introduce you to wet felting and needle felting. Making felt pumpkins to put in your bowl for Halloween or just for fun and you get to take it home with you. The workshop takes approximately 2 hours and is based Plumstead/ SE18. Get in touch for full address details.

Summary for 'Pumpkin in a Bowl' - felting workshop

  • 2-hour workshop,
  • Location in Plumstead,
  • Materials: raw wool, carded wool,
  • Introduction to wet felting and needle felting.
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