SEYA London: 2 day Needle Felting Course

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2 day Needle Felting Course


On this course for beginners and improvers you will develop significant skills in needle felting to create beautiful craft/ art work.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • needle felt, 
  • use wire work, 
  • make hardened aspects to your work, like beaks  …
  • create animal pictures using techniques to make animals looks alive.

Date: 6 July and 20 July

Time: 10 am – 12.30 pm

Location: Plumstead

Price: £ 60.00 for both days or £ 35.00 for one day (all materials and light refreshments will be provided*)

Experience: No previous experience  needed.



Day 1 of the 2 day Needle Felting Course: ‘Robin on a bobbin’ (6th July)


You will create a ‘robin on a bobbin’, a traditional needle felted keepsake.: A beautiful robin sitting on a sewing bobbin and holding the thread in its beak.

You will learn to add wire work to your robin and how to make a hard beak. This will give you the basics for making more advanced animals in the future by using the techniques needed to create animals.


Day 2 (20 July) of the 2 day Needle Felting Course: Doodle a Dog


You will create a stunning picture of a dog which can be framed. You will learn how to needle felt your dog’s coat and shape and then to felt realistic eyes that will bring your picture to life.

* Please bring a suitable frame of around A4 in size. If you wish to purchase a frame from us, there will be an additional cost of £4.50.


What is Needle Felting?

Needle felting is a technique using natural unspun wool which has tiny scales that help it to stick together. This means when felted, the wool holds its shape and many wonderful creations can be made with the ‘wool clay’. It is completely different from wet-felting that uses water. 

With needle felting you can make 2 and 3D sculptures and pictures which can be amazingly life like.

The wool is felted with felting needles which are a special kind of needle with tiny barbs on the end.  The needle helps the woollen scales stick together. 

A cushion is used as a surface to work on to prevent harming the bottom surface. When you stab the needle into the wool it will go through the wool and into the cushion and you will wear guards on your fingers for protection. 

This exciting hobby can be used to create simple fun items, to great works of art. 

Terms and Conditions

You will be given a full safety briefing before the course.

Basic Refreshments will be provided but as we are not caterers and due to health and safety laws, if you have a specialist diet or allergies we would strongly advise you to bring your own as we cannot vouch for the contents of food provided by the manufacturer .

You will be asked to sign that you understand the safety aspects of felting and your understanding regarding refreshments. 

For our refund and cancellation policy please go here.

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