Our newest product


Crochet refillable Lavender Heart



This subtly scenting and refillable crochet ‘Lavender Heart’ herb pillow is perfect for freshening up and deterring moths in linen closets and wardrobes. It can be used as a lovely scenting decoration anywhere in your house, thanks to theunique, eye-catching crochet design.

The relaxing scent of the Kent-grown lavender brings a calming smell, whilst the lovely heart shaped cover makes this a perfect Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day gift.

Each heart is made from 100% Mercerised Cotton, embellished with a small plastic flower and contains a small purple organza sachet filled with 5 g Lavender buds. The Lavernder is sourced from a small co-operative of lavender growers in Provence.

The unique design of the Lavender heart makes it possible to refill or replace the lavender with your preferred herbs.