Course: Beginnings in Creative and Art Felting Technique

Course: Beginnings in Creative and Art Felting Technique

Available until 31/08/2019

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Course: Beginnings in Creative and Art Felting Technique

On this felting course for beginners and improvers you will develop significant skills in needle felting to create beautiful craft/ art work.
  • Date: 24 August and 31 August
  • Time: 9.45 am – 12 pm
  • Location: All Saints Church, New Eltham, SE9 3UT
  • Experience: No previous experience  needed.

Day 1: Create Felt Jewellery Pieces (24 August)

Basic Felted Structures

In this introduction to felting you will learn in week one to create felt jewellery pieces. In doing so you will learn important structures for making bags, purses, landscapes and embellishments for other projects such as sewing and knitting for example.









Day 2: Needle Felt a Woodland Animal (31 August)

Felted Woodlands Animals

In week two you will learn to needle felt a woodland animal and begin the first steps into being able to create 3 dimensional animals and structures which could include eventually pets, amazingly life like animals and wonderful keepsakes.

Needle felting is also of use to those who are interested in selling their craft.


Did you know?

  • Legend has it that the technique of felting was first discovered by Saint Christopher (the patron saint of travel), who packed his sandals full of wool to make them more comfortable and the moisture may have lead to world’s first pair of socks as well as the first example of felted material,
  • Felting is used across the world in making decorative and warm slippers, bags, hats, brooches …,
  • Needle felting is hugely popular creating the ability to create astonishingly life like sculptures especially of animals,
  • Felt is made by compressing or matting natural wool fibres together with soapy water (wet) or with a needle (dry),
  • Felting courses are a great way to expand your creativity and wonderful way to meet people.


Terms and Conditions

You will be given a full safety briefing before the course.

Basic Refreshments will be provided but as we are not caterers and due to health and safety laws, if you have a specialist diet or allergies we would strongly advise you to bring your own as we cannot vouch for the contents of food provided by the manufacturer .

You will be asked to sign that you understand the safety aspects of felting and your understanding regarding refreshments. 

For our refund and cancellation policy please go here.

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