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Private crochet session, first session

£27.50 / hour(s) **
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Crochet & Natter from home

£0.00 / ticket(s) **
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New Online - Private crochet session, 2 persons/ 1 hour

£15.00 / hour(s) **
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New Online - Private crochet session, 3 persons/ 1 hour

£11.50 / hour(s) **
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Learn to crochet or advance your crochet skills in

Crochet is relaxing, creative and trendy!

More and more people are discovering the benefits of crochet. After the first (sometimes stressfull) steps and the mastering of a few stiches they will admit that crochet can help you relieving stress:


  •  The repetitive movement of the crochet hook and the focus on this movement, your yarn and your work is soothing body and mind.
  •  Focusing on every aspect of your crochet work (movement, colour, pattern, fabric) will help you relax.
  •  It is wonderful to see someone enjoying your craft, when given as a present and seeing this will feel very rewarding. All your crafts are unique, even your 'mistakes' make them more unique.


Crochet workshops in London

Crochet workshops are designed to get home with a complete crochet piece or the beginning of a beautiful craft. They usually take 2 to 2.5 hours. Crochet workshops are held in various locations in London.

Some of my crochet workshops are held under the name SEYA (South East London Yarn Academy), where I am together with my friend Viv teach various textile crafts.


Crochet courses in Eltham

The Crochet courses are usually taking place in Eltham and consist of 4 sessions à 2 hours. You will learn the beginnings of crochet and beyond in a fun and relaxed way. These courses have a basic structure but can easily get adapted according to the wishes of the group. The majority are limited to six people per class to maximize the learning  experience so book soon to avoid disappointment.

Private lessons/ 1 to 1 tuition

Private lessons or 1 to 1 tuition are the most flexible way of learning how to crochet or to advance in your craft. The sessions usually take place in Eltham (South East London).

Gift vouchers are available


I also offer a programme of drop in and out/ pay as you go crochet classes designed to develop your crochet skills, where you can bring your project/ ask questions/ get advice about starting a new project in a relaxed and friendly environment.

If you have any questions or please get in touch with me or complete the information sheet to receive more information about a certain topic.

Gift vouchers are also available.  


Cancellation and Refund Policy for private and group crochet sessions/ workshops in  London

  • Cancellation 14-21 days prior to the crochet class/ course: 50% refund will be made. 
  • Cancellation less than 14 days prior to class: no refund will be made (full or in part).
  • reserves the right to cancel any class up to 14 days before the starting day if under 50% of the places are taken.  In this event the class will either be rescheduled OR a full refund will be made. 


Learn it

Private (1 on 1) course

Private (1 on 1) course

Private (1 on 1) tution is a very flexible way to learn the art of crochet. Classes and learning goals are tailored to your needs.

Crochet group courses

Crochet group courses

Crochet group courses in South East London, a great way to learn the basics of crochet and beyond. 


Learn new skills using your favourite craft - crochet. Workshops are held at various locations in the Royal Borough of Greenwich.