Group crochet classes

Crochet Group Courses (4 sessions)

If you want to learn how to crochet the group course for beginners is your way to go. Every session is a mix of theretical topics, like healt and safety, knowledge about yarn, introduction to pattern reading and practical excercises. 

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The courses are held in Eltham, South East London, the home of 

  • The sessions run for 1,5 hours/week for 4 weeks (total of 6 hours).
  • The beginner crochet course has a basic/ static structure, improver classes will build on existing experience of the members. But …. everything can be changed according to the wishes of the group.
  • The whole course will be paid in advance, if a group is filled up. Minimum of 2 people per group/ maximum 4 people.
  • Location in Eltham/ SE London: Wheelchair accessible easy to reach with public transport (Bus, Train), limited car parking space.

The price for Group Crochet Classes/ Crochet courses includes:

  • Information about the sessions sent to your E-Mail, for instance: Double Crochet, Treble crochet, basic patterns like granny square and more.
  • Instructions for ‘homework’
  • 1 ball of yarn (ICE Yarns) and a crochet hook of your choice are complimentary/ free. Additional yarn can be purchases.
  • Light refreshments, a great cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit/ cake.
  • Lots of fun and creativity.

If you want to book a special group session for / group workshop or you want additional information, please complete the Crochet Classes Booking Form